About Tan Sri Dato’ Seri P. Alagendra


Married Puan Sri N. Saraswathy Devi on 12 December 1968. Puan Sri is the immediate Past President of the International Federation of Women Lawyers, a post she held for three years from 2002 – 2005). Puan Sri is presently the Parliamentarian of the International Federation of Women Lawyers.

Date of Birth: 23.7.1929

Place of Birth: Kajang, Selangor

1.Chairman of Rajana Venshya Sdn. Bhd.
2.Chairman of Rajana Venshya Realty Sdn. Bhd.

3.Director, Intaland Development Sdn Bhd 
4.Deputy Chairman Kemayan Advance Tertiary College
5.Joined Royal Malaysia Police on July 1st, 1950 
6.Retired from Malaysia Police on July 23rd, 1984 as a
Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Tan Sri has four daughters
1.Raja Rajesvari
2.Anna Poorani Venkateswari
4.Shyamala Devi 

Tan Sri has three grandchildren
1.Arjuna Alagendra Sen
2.Gayathri Divya Alagendra Murugeson
3.Tara Thanushkha Ahillya Alagendra Murugeson